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Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Entry into Egypt – visa requirements

Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Entry requirements Egypt require visa requirements for UK citizens and nationals of most other countries. Children have the same requirements as adults.

Visas without a visa are only allowed to residents of Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for up to 3 months.

Exceptions to the issuance of visas and especially processing times of 3-5 weeks apply to tourists or travelers from non-EU countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Yemen .

Entry requirements Egypt for UK nationals

For UK nationals there are two ways to apply for a visa. On the one hand, the Egyptian embassy and the consulates generals issue visas before they travel. On the other hand, visas are available on arrival (Visa On Arrival) for stays of up to 4 weeks in Egypt – but only at the international airports (Hurghada, Cairo, Luxor etc.). In the case of border crossing by land or sea, a visa must be obtained in advance. Non-tourist travel always requires a visa prior to departure!

Tourist Visa On Arrival are also available to UK citizens as well as nationals of the following countries upon arrival by plane:Australia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Ukraine, USA .

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The visa fee is payable at one of the official bank counters on the way to passport control. Service and diplomatic passport holders generally require a visa prior to departure in accordance with Egypt’s entry requirements.

Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Application requirements: visa before departure

For the visa application to a consular mission abroad the following documents have to be submitted:

    a valid ID document
    the completed and signed application form
    2 biometric passport pictures
    if necessary, evidence of the purpose of the trip (varies depending on length of stay and visa category)
    Travelers should also carry the evidence with them when using Visa On Arrival.

It is advisable to organize a visa before travel to avoid waiting times and the risk of visa rejection on the spot.

Valid identification documents: passport

Since March 2002, UK tourists have been allowed to enter the country with the identity card if they fill in a special entry form and carry a biometric passport photo with them. For non-tourist travel intentions such. B. Business travel, there is no such rule. Passport is required .

For the respective identification document is prescribed:

Minimum validity of 6 months on the day of arrival in Egypt

Visa to Egypt

Visa to Egypt

at least 1 free page for the visa note
Child entries in the passport of a parent are no longer valid. Minors need their own identity document with valid visa. The child passport (with photo) is permitted.

When entering the ID card, it should be noted that not all Egyptian institutions recognize it as a sufficient document. A temporary ID card is not sufficient for a stay in Egypt (!), But a provisional passport with sufficient validity already.


Transit in Egypt

Air passengers with confirmed onward flight receive an entry permit for up to 24 hours in bad weather conditions or a maximum of 48 hours in the event of a technical defect on the aircraft. Ship passengers receive a 24-hour (or up to 3-day) visit permit during a transit stay. Short-term stays in the transit room of an Egyptian airport are generally free of visa.

Egyptian visa

Egyptian visa

Important information for dual citizens

The Egyptian government treats adult and underage travelers, who by virtue of their ancestry also hold Egyptian citizenship, exclusively as Egyptians. This means that they are fully governed by Egyptian laws and, consequently, conscription and family law. Children under the age of 21 with dual nationality (eg German-Egyptian) are not allowed to leave Egypt without the consent of their father.

Entry requirements Egypt: Information

Please also read the travel and safety information for Egypt on the website of the UK Foreign Office .

Please note that despite careful care of our site we can not guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the above information. Changes to the entry regulations Egypt are possible. Binding information is provided by the Egyptian Embassy and the Egyptian Consulates General.

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