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Egyptian Visa for Australians

Egyptian Visa for Australians

Egypt has over the years proved to be a reliable tourist destination. Besides, it boasts of a great economy. That is why many entrepreneurs will find it fit to come and invest in this great country. Some of the people attracted to Egypt are Australian citizens. However, there is a catch. No one walks leisurely...Read More

Egyptian visa for uk citizens

Entry into Egypt – visa requirements Entry requirements Egypt require visa requirements for UK citizens and nationals of most other countries. Children have the same requirements as adults. Visas without a visa are only allowed to residents of Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates for up to...Read More
Cat in Egypt

Why were cats important in ancient Egypt ?

Significance of the divine felines in Egypt Why were cats important in ancient Egypt? Egyptian history is full to the brim with incredible culture, architecture, mythology and traditions. One of the most interesting traditions found in ancient Egypt is cat worshipping. Ancient Egyptians not only worshipped cats, but also adored them as their family members....Read More
What was the religion of ancient egypt

What was the religion of ancient Egypt

A DETAILED HISTORY ON THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION The ancient Egyptian religion entailed a number of spiritual beliefs, rituals and norms which governed the way in which the ancient people lived. In all their daily aspects, the ancient Egyptians were expected to upheld high standards of harmony amongst themselves. This discipline was always encouraged as...Read More

When did Egypt Gain Independence?

Egypt can be accurately described as an intercontinental nation. The country spans from Asia’s southwestern corner to the renowned northeastern horn of Africa, a land bridge is what facilitates the connection. Egypt is currently an independent country that is bordered by the Gaza Strip, Israel, Red Sea, Sudan and Libya. However, a popular question people...Read More