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What is the climate in Egypt?

Generally, summers in Egypt feature hot and dry climatic conditions in most parts of the country. The commonly experienced climate in the Delta regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea during this season is relatively humid. Over the past few years, this humidity has spread and covered the cities of

Climate of Egypt

Climate of Egypt

Swelters and Cairo. This is one of the factors that affect the climate in Egypt. Winters in Egypt, on the other end tag wild weather conditions accompanied by some bit of rain. However, in general, winters feature bright and sunny days followed by relatively cold nights.

Keeping in mind that too much sunlight is quite unhealthy, you need to remember that proper sun protection is one of the most important considerations when visiting Egypt during the summers. One of the best ways of implementing such is by putting on sunhats. There is a vast variety of affordable sunhats featuring unique and beautiful designs sold over the country during this hot period.

That’s just a glimpse of an overview of the climate experienced in Egypt. Below is a simple, yet thorough breakdown of the weather and climatic conditions faced in Egypt all through the year. This should guide and help you plan your next visit to the country.

What is the climate in Egypt?

What is the climate in Egypt?

Generally, there are three different climate types usually experienced in Egypt. These include the following:

I.Northern Coast’s Mediterranean climate

Winters are very mild on the Mediterranean coast. As a matter of fact, it has much resemblance to the spring. The highest temperatures experienced lie around 19 while the lowest goes to around 9 to 10 . This is the only period all year round that features moderate rains. Summers on the other hand feature cool sea breezes and high temperatures of up to 30 . Humidity tends to be relatively high. This is especially true along River Nile’s delta.

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II.Inland areas’ Desert climate

As mentioned earlier on, inland areas usually face the desert climate. This means that there are no rains. Also, temperatures increase significantly as you gradually move towards the south. Winters feature mild and sunny days followed by cold or rather cooler nights with temperatures ranging around 6 to 11 . During severely cold nights, temperatures can go well below 32 .

III.Red Sea Coast climatic conditions

The climate typically featured on the Red Sea coasts is desert climate. The only difference between the weather conditions experienced here with those experienced in the Inland areas is that this climate is usually sea-tempered. There are minimal or no rains at all. However, the temperatures are quite low featuring high humidity.


Above is a detailed overview of the weather and climatic conditions usually experienced in Egypt. Hopefully, this content has helped you plan when, and when not to visit the country. Remember that the general weather conditions faced tends to alternate between extremely low to relatively high temperatures. Either way, the best period to visit most of the parts of Egypt is during the December holidays through February. This is the window period that features sunny and mild weather conditions making it virtually the ideal time for your, if not all activities.

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