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Egypt Business Visa

Egypt Business Visa – eVisa Application Form

Now you can make your business trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world with an Egypt Business Visa (Evisa).

The Egypt E-Visa is an electronic travel permit issued by the Egyptian government and valid for up to three months, with this process you will find it very easy and fast to obtain your permission to enter the country.

What is an Egypt Business Visa (Evisa)?

The Egyptian Government introduced the e-Visa in 2017 so that travelers can apply for an e-Visa for Egypt easily and quickly, without having to go through tedious bureaucratic processes.

Citizens of other nationalities wishing to apply for this entry permit have the option of applying for a single-entry visa (valid for 30 days only) or a multiple-entry visa (valid for 90 days, but up to 30 days for each stay in the country).

The two types of electronic visas for Egypt

Electronic visas for Egypt are of two types: single or multiple entries. Each of these types of visa is valid for different periods.
The single-entry visa allows 30 days of stay in the country.

This means that with a single-entry visa, you can enter and leave the country once within 30 days. When you leave, you will have to apply for a new visa to come back.

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The multiple entry visa allows 90 days of (interrupted) stay for multiple entries into the country, i.e. you can enter and leave several times during 90 days without any penalty. Even with this visa, you can only stay in the country uninterrupted for 30 days.

Who needs an Egypt Business Visa (Evisa)?

The Egypt Business Visa (Evisa) 30-day visa types are available for citizens belonging to the list of 46 countries that the Egyptian Government has approved through the eVisa system.

All foreign citizens who wish to visit this country must check if their country is on the list to be eligible for the eVisa. The application for the e-Visa form is applied online.

What are the requirements to apply for an e-Visa to Egypt?

  • The validity of your passport cannot be less than 6 months from the date of the proposed trip
  • Apply for the visa at least 90 days before the departure date
  • If you are traveling with a minor, you are also required to apply for the child
  • Apply for a single or multiple-entry visa

How to apply for your e-Visa?

The first thing you should do if you are interested in obtaining a Egypt Business Visa (Evisa) is to fill out a form with information about who you are, your travel plans, and the details of your valid passport.

The application process through our website is extremely quick and easy. The process usually takes less than 20 minutes and you can receive your visa in approximately 72 hours.

As with any other destination, you cannot apply for this permit with an expired passport. On your application, you will need to upload a photo of your passport to document its validity before choosing a payment method at the end of the application. The payment methods we currently accept for our secure online system are Visa, MasterCard, Klarna and Sofort.

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For travelers without a Value-Added Tax invoice, they can choose to receive one on the application form (which is optional). If you need more information about the types of documents, you will need to bring them with you on arrival.

What are the benefits of applying for your visa with us?

  • You will avoid the long visa process on your arrival in the country
  • Obtain pre-approval for entry into the country
  • This permit is accessible and available for 46 countries
  • This visa is designed specifically for tourists and business travelers
  • You will have the assistance of our staff for the whole process of your application
  • Shipments are safe and privacy protected

The Egypt e-visa is a great way to ensure that your next business trip goes smoothly and without having to deal too much with the immigration authorities. The online application is short, simple and will help you drastically reduce the time spent before the trip and the time you would have to spend on border control.

Making your business trip to one of the oldest and most attractive countries in the world is now easier than ever with the Egypt Business Visa (Evisa). Now you only have to worry about your travel arrangements and the whole issue of your entry permit will be a piece of cake.

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