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Exploring the capital of Egypt

Exploring the capital of Egypt

North Africa offers a wealth of destinations for the traveler, but surely, Cairo, Egypt tops the list in popularity and it’s no wonder why. The last remaining of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World – the Pyramids of Giza – are to be found here along with world-class and budget accommodation – not to mention a host of other attractions for the tourist in search of adventure and history in the ancient setting of Cairo.

Kair - capital of Egypt

Kair – capital of Egypt

With a name that means ‘victorious’ it is a little wonder that Cairo is often regarded as one of the most fascinating cities of them all. Cairo is the largest city on the African continent and is the capital of Egypt. Its architecture is a mixture of Muslim and modern, minarets and skyscrapers, and its colorful street life and markets make it a fascinating place to explore. There are museums, shops, and restaurants to please any tourist’s tastes and the Pyramids and the Sphinx are located a short bus or taxi ride away from the center, making Cairo a convenient and exciting destination for anyone looking for an exotic, affordable holiday.


Capital of Egypt

Capital of Egypt

One of Cairo’s often overlooked treasures has been the Museum of Islamic Art, which is now reopening after an extensive renovation that began in 2006. The museum which first opened in 1881, now contains some 100, 000 pieces. The renovation has included the introduction of more natural light, new display cases and a renovation of the structure of the building itself. Located in the center of Cairo, the museum should be on every tourist’s itinerary.

Exploring the capital of Egypt

Exploring the capital of Egypt

The Pyramids themselves are, of course, the absolute must-see destination for any Cairo visitor. The images of the ancient structures, along with the Sphinx, are embedded deep within everyone’s collective consciousness, but it’s impossible to truly appreciate their awe-inspiring grandeur until you experience them in person. For the adventurous, there are camel tours to the Pyramids, but for the average tourist, it’s easy enough to find transportation to the site and a good guided tour.

Cairo Egypt

Cairo Egypt

Be somewhat careful of those who may surround you with offers of transport and/or tours, ask a local to help you figure out what the rates should be, or it’s possible that you could end up paying slightly exorbitant rates or be stuck with a less than satisfactory tour guide. For the most part, though, Cairo is a friendly, safe and affordable city to visit and should be nearly at the top of the list for those looking for an enjoyable North African holiday.

Amazing skyline by the river Nile, opulent hotels and shopping malls, mystical desserts, and a memorable experience at the legendary attractions make every holiday to Cairo an indelible episode of life. Travellers plan their luxury holidays in Cairo with sufficient time for some awe-inspiring sightseeing in and around the city. Take a look at the top 5 attractions that are must-see and hold the essence of this bamboozling city.

For those with friends or relatives who’d like to call Egypt to hear about your adventures while you are there, there are many telecom services who offer cheap calls to Cairo, the capital of Egypt for 24/7. Let the ones who care about you stay in close touch while you enjoy your experiences and discoveries amongst the ancient monuments.


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