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Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Just like any other country, before traveling to Egypt you are expected to have a visa. This is an essential travel document that will guarantee you entry into Egypt from India and other countries as well. As such, it is important to know all the Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens.

Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Every foreigner wishing to visit this country is expected to have it. With it you can engage in the following activities in Egypt, pursuing your studies, touring Egypt, staying in Egypt alongside other legal activities.

Egypt immigration authority has rolled out a Visa application process. This process can now be undertaken online saving you the hustle of visiting the Egyptian embassy. Simply access the online visa application website to kickstart your application. As an Indian citizen, this should be one of the easiest ways of getting an Egyptian visa. There are Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens to be adhered to. Failure to do so will make you an unqualified for this important travel document.


Visa requirements

Below are the requirements that every Indian citizen applying for an Egyptian Visa needs to adhere to:

    • Valid passport acquired from the issuing authority.
    • Valid return air tickets
    • Valid bank statements
    • A hotel booking confirmation revealing both the name and number of the hotel
    • A fully filled visa application form
    • 2 current passport size photos
    • Name of the company you are working for in case you are employed
    • A report on your medical condition
    • Be a valid citizen of India
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These requirements are not only important to you but also to Egypt. As an applicant, meeting these requirements places you at a pole position of getting an Egyptian Visa. To the Egyptian government, this is one of the ways of preventing entry of illegal immigrants into the country. The immigration department will make sure all those requirements have been adhered to religiously. Besides, enforcement of these requirements ensures enhancement of security and health of the Egyptian citizens. Applicants have no otherwise but to follow these rules.


Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Egyptian visa requirements for Indian citizens

Egyptian Visa application process

The Egyptian application process can now be undertaken online. This has brought a lot of ease in getting an Egyptian visa. Below are some of the steps you will be subjected to:

• Completing an online application

Visit the Egyptian visa application website to begin your visa application process. You will find a form in which you are expected to fill in your personal details. Maintain absolute honesty while filling in your details.

• Cross-check your personal details

Check your personal information to ensure you have filled in correctly. Any mistakes should be corrected with immediate effect.

• Clear your application dues

You will be expected to pay for the visa application service. Find a reliable online payment method, for instance, PayPal, debit card or credit card and complete your application fee.

• Submit your application for processing

At this instance, your application will be checked and verified if it has met the required threshold. If yes, it will be approved and you will receive an Egyptian visa via your email. Then, download and print your Egyptian visa.

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Applying for an Egyptian visa has become a lot easier. This is due to the introduction of the online application system. It will take you little time to apply and own an Egyptian Visa.

Egyptian visa requirements

Egyptian visa requirements

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